Better Senior Care Tip for Order in the House

Posted on April 13th, 2011

BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC
President Elder Connections

Order In the House

Before Here to Home

There are many things that we do to support Peter in his life in the community.  Some are the tangibles of health care, good nutrition, and psychological support.  Yet in the years, it has occurred to both me and his sister, Abby that Peter’s home environment begged to be improved.

For most people, this task seems to be simple.  For an individual with Asperger’s Disorder, it is another matter.  Peter’s enviornment is his sacred space and tampering with it in anyway could spell disaster.  But, on the other hand, Peter deserves a clean, functional home that is safe and satisfying.  What were we to do?

Senior Move Management

The National Association of Senior Move Managers is a professional organization of those who provide assistance to the 55+ market.  These businesses help with downsizing, relocating or modifying homes.  This organization promotes the education and a standard of practice for those working within the senior community as Senior Move Managers.

Here to Home

When we called Jennie Zehmer, of Here to Home, she appeared on the scene to assess the situation.  We knew immediately that we had found the perfect person for the job.  With her skill, insight, and compassion, Jennie created a proposal that reflected her profound understanding of Peter and what would work for him.  Peter was consulted on every step of his home project — it was a true Extreme Home Makeover.

After Here to Home

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Now Peter’s home reflects his unique personality with order and precision.  Caring for our loved ones is not always easy, but creating order in the home enviornment is one step closer to better senior care.  Do you know someone who would benefit from a home enviornmental miracle?


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