Honoring Family Caregivers Providing Better Senior Care

Posted on November 9th, 2010

BY:  Beverly Bernstein Joie, MS, CMC
President Elder Connections



National Family Caregivers Month

National Family Caregivers Month

Caregivers — The Heros in Service for Better Senior Care

Elder Connections is in awe of those caring for their elderly parent.  These caregivers are the unsung heroes whose mission and intention is in service for better senior care.  These family members who tend to their aging loved ones often do not realize the toll it takes on their physical, emotional, and financial health, but continue on in their caregiving role.

In my last post, The Shriver Report — Elder Connections announced our dedication to helping caregivers.  Our Planning Kit provides you tools to care for your aging loved one effectively.  It’s the first step towards supporting and instructing caregivers.  Email me — BBJoie@ElderConnections.net or call 888-433-0040 to receive more resources and support.

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

In honor of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness and National Family Caregivers Month, Elder Connections wants to recognize those caring for an Alzheimer’s patient, and will contribute $50 in their name to the Alzheimer’s Association. (Limited to the first 10 responses)  Because to us, there is no acknowledgment big enough to celebrate and honor these heroes who serve in the care of seniors.  Their love and devotion exemplify the true spirit of America — don’t you agree?


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